Signed in as:

Management Team


John Zehner, CEO

Mr. Zehner brings an unparalleled combination of experience and background to SpectronRx. With 25+ years in medical isotopes.  Mr. Zehner is an innovator and has held senior leadership roles in a range of biotech companies in the US and Europe.  Mr. Zehner has an extensive background as a Nuclear Pharmacist, his leadership at SpectronRx is a driving force behind our innovation and quality. Mr. Zehner’s background includes various product approvals and extensive experience in the diagnostic and theragnostic molecular isotope field.  Mr. Zehner has a broad range of commercial expertise with FDA and NRC regulations.   Prior to SpectronRx, John was Chief Operations Officer of Zevacor Molecular, and Co-Founder of Eastern Isotopes (later acquired by IBA). 


Anwer Rizvi, President

Anwer has over 35 years’ experience in the medical isotope innovation space, offering an advanced level of global expertise in the theranostic molecular field. He has served in numerous executive director and shareholder capacity positions and Co-Founded Eastern Isotopes (later acquired by IBA). He went on to become the CEO for IBA Molecular,  and steered its success for many years. Anwer has built and managed the development of over 43 cyclotron facilities worldwide. As a well-respected innovator he brings extensive experience in the theranostic molecular field and a broad range of commercial expertise to business development at both the grass roots and global strategic levels of business.

Dr. David Trump


Chief Radiochemist

David has over 20 years of experience in many roles in nuclear medicine, including research and development, radiolabeling, manufacturing, quality control, oversight and regulatory submissions. Prior to joining SpectronRx, he developed new radiopharmaceuticals for Spectron mrc and Mayo Clinic. David also holds a Ph.D. in Radiochemistry and Nuclear Pharmacy and teaches nuclear medicine classes at Radiological Technologies University.

Dr. A. Lake Wooten



A. Lake Wooten is a biomedical engineer and radiochemist with over 6 years of experience in radiochemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, and preclinical PET. Lake’s areas of expertise include analytical testing, instrumentation, production of radionuclides and labeled radiopharmaceuticals, and preclinical applications. At SpectronRx, Lake has worked with the rest of the team for contract manufacturing and QC testing of GMP-grade radiopharmaceuticals for imaging and targeted alpha- and beta-therapy, while meeting tight deadlines and high standards of quality assurance. 

Beth Kraemer


Director of Quality, Regulatory & 

Technical Compliance

Beth has been a licensed Nuclear Pharmacist in multiple states for over 30 years. She has broad based experience in multiple disciplines within the radiopharmaceutical industry. Her experience includes managing one of the largest global PET manufacturing facilities, functioning as the facility Radiation Safety Officer, performing QA Field Audits in preparedness for FDA inspections across multiple sites, and directing CMC sites in the technical transfer of new biomarkers for external contract manufacturing partners. .

Dr. Pulak Chakraborty



PK has over 25 years of experience in many roles in nuclear medicine, including research and development, GMP manufacturing and quality control. Prior to joining SpectronRx, he was a research investigator at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, University of Michigan. PK also holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry 

Dr. Craig Hill



Craig has over 30 years of biopharmaceutical research experience with the last 12 years in radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, quality control/assurance, CMC, IND submissions, regulatory affairs, clinical trials, and project management of oncological PET agents. Prior to SpectronRx, he was the department manager and Medical Affairs Scientist at Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc in support of the Cancer Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute, NIH. Craig also has extensive biotech background as a scientist and inventor in targeted therapeutic and imaging bioconjugate drugs. As an educator, he has worked at 6 institutions across the country teaching courses in introductory chemistry through advanced design and synthesis.

Ed Yochum


Business Development

Ed carries a well-established track record in medical imaging and therapeutic business development, specializing in both domestic and foreign based point of care, hospital and commercial services. With over 40 years of both clinical and commercial development relating to Radiology / Molecular Imaging, he has successfully commandeered the role as an experienced high level sales and marketing executive adept at providing business solutions involving complex and competitive offerings.  Ed brings much experience in the radio-pharmaceutical networking space and is a well-respected professional who has cultivated strong relationships with industry and clinical leaders.