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Custom Theranostic contract manufacturing


Monoclonal Antibody Labeling

Monoclonal antibodies are common and useful mechanisms for targeting radionuclides in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications. MAbs have been radiolabeled with numerous gamma-, beta-, alpha-, and positron-electron-emitting radionuclides. Some radionuclides exhibit both beta and gamma emissions and, because of this utility, they may be used for both radioimmunodiagnosis and radioimmunotherapy approaches. 


In recent years, there has been a great acceleration in the development of radiolabeled small peptides for diagnostic imaging and radionuclide therapy in nuclear oncology. The use of radionuclide- and stable isotope labeled peptides enhances drug discovery and development. We can work with you on formulations to provide you the highest quality, custom-made radiolabeled peptides, suitable for clinical and medical applications. 

Molecules and Chemical Entities

SpectronRx can provide you with numerous solutions for radiolabeling of molecules and chemical entities. Labeling is frequently used as a modality to monitor the location or biodistribution of a molecule. There are many applications for the specific labeling of molecules with radioactive or stable isotopes. 


Recently, aptamers have emerged in the medical and therapeutic industry as prime molecular recognition probes, due to their high affinity and specificity binding to their targets. We can help you customize the radiolabeled aptamer that will best suit your therapeutic needs.

Quality, Reliability, and Sustainability

Nuclear medicine found early success in some therapeutic applications, but current advancements in nuclear medicine are typically linked to improved diagnostic imaging capabilities. However, there have been several recent scientific advancements with new therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

This next “Third-Wave” of nuclear medicine involves aligning the diagnostic agent (imaging) directly with the therapeutic agent, together known as a “Radiotheranostics”.


Recent Theranostic Advancements

The Trend is Increasing:

  • Multiple new worldwide commercial companies have launched specific to FDA approval for this endeavor with multiple clinical trials.
  • Ac-225 worldwide needs and production are receiving critical attention from many including the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Lu-177 has an FDA approved Radiotheragnostic with several more being developed.
  • Xofigo® is FDA approved with Peak Sales Estimates of 1.5 billion. *
  • Research focus on combining therapeutic agents for better cancer treatment with fewer side effects. An example is the “Tandem” Ac-225 and Lu-177 combined for prostate cancer therapy.
  • Novartis acquired Advanced Accelerator Applications (Triple A) for $3.9B, meaning company acquisitions of Radiotheranostics are no longer in the millions, they are now in the billions.

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